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We believe in efficient medicine for everyone

In a sector where time is vital for the well being of the patient, a tool providing all the necessary options is needed to issue the best possible diagnosis and face a surgical intervention with the best guarantees. 

We have created Flowgy to be an optimization, research, learning and professional- growth tool whose primary objective is the patient's health.

We are a diverse and interdisciplinary team of world-class medical specialists, design professionals, experts in fluid mechanics and software nerds.

We are devoted to innovation and we applaud wide-ranging perspectives, vision and experience, which are necessary to develop the best medical solutions for the future.

Why do we want to transform
the sector

1 — The worldwide success rate of rhinoplasty surgery is around 50%. This not only means billionaire economic losses for health institutions, but also the deterioration of patient’s quality of life.
2 — Being able to make a trustworthy and personalized diagnosis or to achieve a high success rate in nasal surgery is an extremely slow and expensive task nowadays.
3 — The unrestricted access to cutting-edge technology allows working more efficiently and successfully.
4 — We are aiming to create a medical world in which technological innovation is available to all and serves the only purpose of improving people’s quality of life.
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What makes Flowgy the best tool in the market


Flowgy provides a single software with all the necessary modules to carry out all kind of tasks, from segmentations to virtual surgeries on 3D models generated from the CAT analysis or similar tests. And all from your own computer.


Flowgy optimizes the way you work without intermediaries or waiting times. Start a process and get the results immediately. With the extra security that all sensitive information stays "at home".


Use Flowgy not only to improve the quality of life of your patients but also to investigate, explore and continue learning. A world of new possibilities is about to come.

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