Dear problem-solvers, disrupters, rule-breakers. Dear CFD-wizards, techno-rebels, business-punks. Dear all who not only think out of the box, but also don’t fit into rigid structures – and believe in re-inventing the ENT medical status quo.

At Flowgy, we want to create a medical world, where technological innovations are available to all and serve only to dramatically improve people’s quality of life.

We take insights and benefits from fluid mechanics and apply them to the daily clinical practice of ENT. Combine this with world-class human-centered design, the previously unimaginable becomes real. We’re always looking for bold and ambitious people to make all of this happen. Think you’d be a great fit? We want to hear from you.

We promise – you won’t be bored.
Shared values.

We treat each other with respect and appreciation. We celebrate the breadth of perspectives, vision and experience that are necessary to develop the best medical solutions of the future.


We take responsibility for our actions and their results. We act sustainably and carefully manage the resources at our disposal. We think long-term and entrepreneurially.


Today we are shaping the tomorrow. We are curious and open. We face challenges with confidence and innovate with people in mind.


We understand our work. We say what we do and do what we say. We communicate openly, clearly and honestly. We maintain a constructive error culture.


We are passionate about bringing real solutions to problems, day in and day out. We recognize development potential and drive it forward based on sustainable goals. We strive for constant and continuous improvement.

As a multidisciplinary team we live interdisciplinary thinking and acting. We provide you with the space to challenge yourself and learn new skills. And we offer you the opportunity to be surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated people, day-in and day-out.