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The power of
medical efficiency

Flowgy provides you with a medical tool with all the required modules to perform a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of airflow from the segmentation to the virtual surgeries based on 3D models built from CT scan or similar. Everything from your personal computer.

We develop Flowgy to support ENT specialists to achieve the most accurate results for the diagnostic of nasal obstruction, a typical health disorder with a 25-50% failure rate.

How it works

An end-to-end software that integrates segmentation, virtual surgery, computational mesh, CFD and reports for daily clinical practice.

CT Display Icon

CT Display

Display, quickly and easily, the images contained in a CT scan or similar in a fully interactive work environment.

Perform segmentations of CT scans or just import segmentations performed with your chosen software, in just two clicks.

Exploring and analyzing them is like child's play with Flowgy's user-friendly interface.


Support for concurrent, linked viewing, and segmentation of multiple images.


Automatic repositioning of several CT scans of the same patient to ensure that all anatomical structures remain in the same position for an optimal analysis.


NRRD format reader and writer compatibility.

Virtual Surgery Icon

Segmentation & Virtual Surgery

Virtual surgery in a 2D/3D model built from the patient's CT scan in a fully integrated workspace optimized for surgery.

Flowgy provides a vast variety of tools that allow you to efficiently and quickly perform geometric modifications.

Perform all the virtual surgeries you need until you find the best option for the patient. There is no limitation.


2D and 3D virtual surgery (superficial or volumetric) synchronized with the CT scans.


Automatic generation of surface and volumen CFD mesh of nasal cavity and boundaries.


Endoscopic and first-person view on the 3D model.

Solver Icon

CFD Solver

Solve the airflow in the nasal anatomical structure by CFD techniques and visualize the aerodynamic behavior in the nasal cavity in real time.

Flowgy easily converts the numerical results of the CFD simulation into commonly used values such as pressure, velocity, temperature, nasal resistance, WSS or flow rate.

Perform computational mesh (surface and volume) automatically in a few minutes!

Real-Time view

Visualize the CFD solution and the residuals convergence
in real time during the flow simulation.

CFD Solutions

Different types of flows (laminar, turbulent,compressible, inspiration and expiration)


Display of flow fields (velocity, WSS, temperature, pressure and mass flow) and

Report Icon


Flowgy allows you to immediately generate customized reports with all relevant parameters for the particular task.

The reports are organized in an easy and comprehensible way.

The ultimate aid to make the best decisions.


Generation of reports in a few minutes.


Reports in standard PDF format or digital interactive reports for the native Flowgy Envision© App usable on personal computers, tablets and mobiles.


Unlimited reports with the information that is relevant to you.

The value
of medical efficiency

Efficiency Icon
Flowgy needs 2.5 hours to solve a case. Visualization and analysis of CT Scan, segmentation, meshing and CFD solver. And yes, reports are also included in the 2.5 hours.
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15 minutes to do virtual surgery, no matter if it's 2D or 3D.
Speed up Icon
Speed up your workflow. One software, one ENT specialist, no middleman.
Confidentiality Icon
100% confidentiality.Your data is your own.

Visualize, analyze and collaborate

Flowgy Envision allows you to interactively and dynamically visualize and analyze the results obtained in Flowgy. Share reports, with colleagues or patients, on any device: computer, tablet or mobile.

Flowgy Envision provides you with the best results for your diagnostic in daily clinical practice.


Achieve the best results across any platform.(Windows, Android, IOs, Mac and Linux)


Every report is
secured with the
most sophisticated encryption technology.

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