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Doctor Esteban – Advanced ENT Center

Dr. Esteban operating a nose blockage in his clinic of advanced otorhinolaryngology.


Interviewed person

Francisco Esteban Ortega


Head of ENT Department at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío

Most recurrent nasal pathologies

Nose blockage, Rhinosinusitis


Sevilla, Spain

Why did you start using the CFD studies of Flowgy?

I needed an objective and reliable way to evaluate the air flow through the nostrils.

What were you using before Flowgy?

Clinical exploration, Glatzel's mirror, acoustic rhinometry, imaging techniques (CT)

What has Flowgy enabled you to do?

An objective and complete functional study of the patient's nostrils. The possibility to perform a virtual surgery and to be able to predict the results of the surgery I would have performed (or will perform) on the patient.

What does Flowgy help you with most?

I get a more objective idea of the situation of each case, and also in case of surgery it allows me to adapt it to the patient in order to achieve the best possible results. It is also important to note that in some cases it allows me to decide not to operate.

How do your patients feel about CFD studies?

In general they are satisfied.

Flowgy’s CFD studies, a valuable extra that can make a difference in your daily clinical practice.

Nose blockage



Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Deviation of septum

Bugle hypertrophy


Chronic Roncopathy

Mediastinal lymphoma

Empty Nose Syndrom

Sleep Apnea Syndrome

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