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One software, one license and all the time you need to develop your project with the help of our Segmentation, Surface Deformation, Meshing, CFD Solver and Post-Processing modules to achieve the desired results.

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Medical researcher doing a CFD simulation with Flowgy Innovation on a laptop.
Real research outcomes. Real stories.

“Aside from the inherent limitations in the models themselves, there are important practical considerations. Although CFD software applications have become more widely available and accessible, they remain costly and are often cumbersome to use. Also, the current workflow to create computational models and run various simulations is time consuming and requires a level of technical expertise that is not available to most surgeon.”*

*Frank-Ito DO, Kimbell JS, Laud P, Garcia GJM, Rhee JS (2014) Predicting postsurgery nasal physiology with computational modeling: Current challenges and limitations. Otolaryngol - Head Neck Surg U S 151:751–759. doi: 10.1177/0194599814547497
Problems that every CFD researcher faces on a daily basis
Different software for different tasks

Today it is necessary to combine different software, from different companies and under different licenses in order to perform a complete CFD study.

Integration between different software

The need to use different software implies the laborious work of adapting the outcomes and ensuring with extra investment of work and money the correct communication between them.

Licenses and costs

Getting a research budget off the ground is complicated by the incredible costs of having to acquire several software packages. Not to mention the administration of the licenses.

Technical expertise

Most of the software available in the market has been designed and developed by and for engineers, which makes them difficult to learn and cumbersome to use.

IT specialist required

The complexity of CFD software and the need to combine outputs from different sources make the figure of an IT specialist unavoidable in any project.


Intangibles are important. Learning one software is not the same as learning four.  Speed up your work and your results.

Simple yet extremely powerful.
Technologies simultaneously involved in Flowgy Innovation
Visualization of the coronal plane of a head from a CT scan.
CT Scan visualization
Flowgy Innovation segmented image of the coronal plane of a head.
Segmentation techniques
Image of Flowgy innovation's numerical computation module.
Numerical computation
Surface and Volumetric CFD mesh created with Flowgy Innovation.
Surface & Volumetric Mesh
Image of the 3D representation of a patient's nasal cavity.
3D reconstruction
Representative image of Flowgy Innovation's surface deformation tools
Deformation tools
Image of streamlines flowing through the nasal cavity.
Flow visualization
Image of the nasal cavity represented with the CFD pressure field solved with Flowgy Innovation
CFD Solver

We have developed and designed Flowgy Innovation focusing on usability and efficiency, reducing complex computer calculations to a single click and automating the most technical processes to drastically optimize work times.

At Flowgy, we value your time and your success. That’s why we’ve combined and integrated into a single software all the modules needed to perform complex end-to-end CFD studies with the goal of reducing your time-to-result from weeks to minutes.

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