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University of Malaga.

Researcher Alejandro Perez using Flowgy Innovation for the study of evolutionary paleophysiology in large carnivores.


Interviewed person

Alejandro Pérez Ramos



Research field

Evolutionary paleophysiology in large carnivores


Malaga, Spain

Why did you start using Flowgy Innovation?

I started using Flowgy Innovation through Markus Bastir's project in conjunction with my research on the physiological and evolutionary adaptation of large carnivores to climate change.

What did you use before Flowgy Innovation to successfully achieve your project goals?

Before knowing Flowgy Innovation, I have not been able to use any other program for fluid dynamics simulations. Thanks to this new tool and patent in CFD simulations, it has allowed me to advance in my line of research.

What does Flowgy Innovation bring to you that you didn't have?

It gives me a great versatility to work with different programs to perform the image processing and segmentation of the structures. It gives me an easy interface for my level of knowledge and a processing power that improves analysis times and obtaining results with high accuracy.

What does Flowgy Innovation help you with most?

Thanks to Flowgy Innovation, I have been able to analyze the physiology of large carnivores and make progress in the physiological functioning of the paranasal sinuses.

What do team members think about Flowgy Innovation?

The opinion of each researcher in the group, in common, is that Flowgy Innovation has generated a breakthrough in our lines of research for its great optimization of calculation times and versatility when using the program for post-processing of 3D models.

Why is Flowgy Innovation important in achieving the expected results?

It is important because the results obtained by Flowgy Innovation are highly accurate and very decisive since it reduces analysis times, which helps to advance with the research.

How does Flowgy Innovation affect your daily work life?

Flowgy Innovation allows me to save time in my CFD analysis and that helps me to advance in other fronts of the research lines of the team.

What plans do you have for Flowgy Innovation in the future?

I wish that Flowgy has more and more presence in different areas of knowledge and develops new functionalities that generate more versatility for the researcher and facilitates CFD analysis.

At Flowgy, we value your time and your success. That’s why we’ve combined and integrated into a single software all the modules needed to perform complex end-to-end CFD studies with the goal of reducing your time-to-result from weeks to minutes.

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