The safest, most efficient and affordable way to diagnose and operate

Deviation of septum.

Nose blockage.


Empty Nose Syndrome.



Flowgy helps ENT specialists, through CFD studies of the air’s functional behavior in the nasal cavity:

to diagnose a nasal pathology accurately and safely, thanks to quantitative and objective information of the airflow in the unique anatomy of your patient.

to plan, prepare and perform surgeries with confidence, thanks to the virtual surgery system developed to predict surgical results.

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A product designed around your needs.

Flowgy powers the work of ENT specialists as well as medical researchers and plastic surgeons with solutions tailored to their needs. Find out how we help you to work faster and more cost-effectively to achieve the best results.

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CFD Study

Complete the nasal diagnosis and plan the treatment with objective and quantitative information about the functional behavior of the airflow in your patient’s nasal cavity.

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Image of ENT doctor explaining the results of the Flowgy CFD study to the patient.Image of a medical researcher performing a CFD simulation with Flowgy Innovation software.
Flowgy Innovation

One software, one license and all the modules needed to perform complex end-to-end CFD studies with the goal of reducing your time-to-result from weeks to minutes.

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Improving diagnosis. NOSE SURGERY. And the quality of life.

The failure rate of nasal surgery worldwide is around 50%. This not only means billionaire economic losses for health institutions but also the dramatic deterioration in the quality of life for millions of patients worldwide.

To drastically improve this situation, we are putting in the hands of physicians and researchers a technology that has been out of their reach until now:

Flowgy, a CFD software specially developed for ENT specialists and researchers, with the aim of optimizing and improving, through the analysis and study of scientific data, both the diagnosis of nasal pathologies and nose surgery itself.

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"In my opinion, Flowgy represents a real revolution in the study of nasal cavities. Not only can we complement the radiological information, i.e. anatomical information, with the functional information of this program, but we can also perform virtual operations with the predictable functional result of the same, which is a very important approach to solve the real problems of patients with nasal pathology scientifically and not on the basis of impressions or experiences."

Portrait of Dr. Esteban, ENT specialist.
Dr. Francisco Esteban Ortega
Full Professor of Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Seville & Head of the ENT Service at the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville 

"Flowgy enables me to plan every functional nose operation faithfully and in detail, and thanks to the wide range of data it provides, it makes preoperative decisions much easier."

Portrait of Dr. Juan Monreal, plastic surgeon.
Dr. Juan Moreal 
Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

"Flowgy Innovation allows me to perform an interactive 3D and virtual reconstruction of fossil anatomical structures related to the respiratory system and their functional simulation. It is a powerful software, and potentially useful for paleontological applications, with versions that are constantly being upgraded and improved."

Portrait of Markus Bastir, senior researcher..
Markus Bastir
MSc, MAS, PhD | Senior Researcher at National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, Spain.

"Flowgy Innovation gives me a great versatility to work with different programs to perform the image processing and segmentation of the structures. It gives me an easy interface for my level of knowledge and a processing power that improves analysis times and obtaining results with high accuracy."

Portrait of Alejandro Perez, researcher at the university of Malaga.
Alejandro Pérez Ramos
FPI predoctoral researcher in the Biological Diversity and Environment doctoral program at the University of Malaga.