The most affordable, fastest and efficient nasal surgery

Flowgy combines the latest advances in fluid engineering and nasal surgery to optimize medical work and improve the patient’s quality of life.

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QL = 5.7 l/min
QR = 8.5 l/min
ΔP = 43 Pa
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What we do

Automated visualization and analysis

Using CT scans or similar medical tests you will be able to simulate and analyze the different fluid streams in the nostrils on your own computer. The result is a unique quantitative report for diagnostic assistance.

Visualizacion y analisis

3D Virtual surgery

Flowgy works on a 3D model of the patient. It analyzes the surgical results accurately and methodically. The virtual surgery can be repeated until the best option for the patient is found.

Cirugia virtual 3D

Intuitive and easy to use

Flowgy puts in your hands the power of medical efficiency. Through a friendly and intuitive user interface and a clear classification of tasks, you will be able to optimize and speed up your work.

Intuitivo y facil de utilizar
The Best Option

Flowgy is a medical tool designed to improve medical diagnosis and nasal surgery.

Our unique, intelligent and interdisciplinary team of medical specialists, engineers, designers and software developers have researched, codified, designed and created the best medical tool ever seen in order to extraordinarily improve the success of nasal surgeries.

About the Project
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