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In the email we will also inform you how you can send us your patient’s CT scan for his validation.

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If not modified, the default values that are set will be used. These standard parameters are valid for the vast majority of cases. We only recommend changing them following the advice of your ENT specialist.
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Basal CFD Study
Best for a functional analysis of airflow in the nasal cavity.
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Report in less than 24 hours
Automatic CT anonymization
Costum CFD solution
Pressure field
Velocity field
Costume temperature field
Costume humidity field
Wall Shear Stress
Convergence residuals graphic
Non-Dimensional estimators graphic
Report in less than 24 hours
Automatic CT anonymization
Costum CFD parameters (type of flow, mass flow, temperature, humidity...)
Pressure field
Velocity field
Temperature field
Humidity field
Wall Shear Stress
Convergence residuals graphic
Non-Dimensional estimators graphic

"Flowgy represents a real revolution in the study of nasal cavities. Not only can we complement the radiological information, i.e. anatomical information, with the functional information of this program, but we can also perform virtual operations with the predictable functional result of the same, which is a very important approach to solve the real problems of patients with nasal pathology scientifically and not on the basis of impressions or experiences."

Portrait of Dr. Esteban, ENT specialist.
Dr. Francisco Esteban Ortega
Full Professor of Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Seville & Head of the ENT Service at the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville 


Is a physician involved in the resolution of the Basal CFD Study?

No. The Basal CFD Study is performed by Flowgy technicians based on technical and computational standards. This report provides objective information about the behavior of the air in the nasal cavity and its objective functionality. In no case does the Basal CFD Study report provide a medical assessment of the state of the nasal cavity. It only provides information that can be very useful for an ENT specialist.

Can I request a Basal CFD Study without being a physician?

Yes, you can. However, Flowgy strongly recommends that the CFD report be evaluated and interpreted by an ENT specialist before drawing any conclusions.

How do I receive the CFD report?

Once we have completed the Basal CFD Study we will send you a download link to the e-mail address you have provided us so that you can download the report in PDF format securely from our encrypted servers.

How long does it take to receive the CFD report?

Less than 24 hours after confirmation of payment of the study.

Which CT Scan files are accepted?

In order to be able to perform a CFD study, the CT must be provided either in DICOM format or in NRRD format.

What technical specifications does the CT Scan need to have in order to be analyzed?

1 – The CT scan must include the entire nasal cavity, from the tip of the nose to the choana.
2 – The optimal resolution for CT analysis and interpretation should be between 0.4-0.6mm.
3 – Metallic dental implants or bone implants can alter or invalidate the result of the analysis.
4 – The CT format should be DICOM or NRRD.

Do I have to provide patient data for the resolution of the Basal CFD Study?

It is not mandatory and it is not relevant for the performance of the CFD study. It is an option to personalize the CFD report and give it an identity.

Does Flowgy collect any kind of personalized data of the patients?

No. At no time does Flowgy access personal or confidential information contained in the CT Scans or similar and that Flowgy will use throughout the computing process.

In which language is the pdf report available?

At the moment the CFD report is available only in English and Spanish.