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One software. One license. Just fast and efficient CFD work.

Flowgy integrates and combines the latest advances in computational fluid dynamics and virtual deformation technology of anatomical structures in a single tool, designed in a modular way to adapt 100% to the needs of your project.

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After many years of research and development in collaboration with the “Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena” (Spain), we have developed Flowgy as a response to the prevailing need of functional and affordable tools for the study and research of air behaviour in anatomical structures.

An end-to-end software that integrates segmentation, anatomical deformation tools, computational mesh, CFD solver and reports.

CT Display & Segmentation.


Automatic repositioning of several CT scans to ensure that all anatomical structures remain in the same position for an optimal analysis.


Support for concurrent, linked viewing, and automatic segmentation of multiple images.


DICOM, NRRD and STL format reader and writer compatibility.

Deformation Surface.

Tools synchronization

2D and 3D surface deformation tools (superficial and volumetric) synchronized with the CT scans.

Material work

Removal and/or creation of solid/air material by means of a variety of methods 2D and 3D surface deformation.


Endoscopic and first-person view on the 3D model.

Surface & Volumetric Mesh.

Mesh automation

Automatic generation of computacional and volumetric CFD mesh of anatomical structure.

Surface mesh optimization

Automatic detection and closing of holes and intersections of surface and volume elements.

Mesh repair tools

Computation of curvatures and thicknesses, layout tools for setting and handling boundary conditions, etc.

CFD Simulation & Post-processing.

Real-Time view

Visualize the CFD solution and the residuals convergence in real time during the flow simulation.

CFD Solutions

Different types of flows (laminar, turbulent, compressible, inspiration and expiration)


Display of flow fields (velocity, WSS, temperature, pressure, mass flow…) and streamlines.

CFD Report.


Generation of PDF reports in a few minutes.


You decide what information (images, graphics, comments…) you want to appear in the report.


Unlimited reports with the information that is relevant to you.

We have developed and designed Flowgy focusing on usability and efficiency, reducing complex computer calculations to a single click and automating the most technical processes to drastically optimize work times.

More than just a CFD software.

End-to-end CFD software

Everything you need to perform CFD analysis is combined and integrated in a single tool.


Designed in a modular way to adapt 100% to your needs.

Surface deformation

Create or deform the existing surface without damaging the mesh.

Mesh control

Generate computational and volumetric meshes of more than 10 million polygons in a matter of seconds.


Integrate Flowgy or any of its modules into your workflow with minimal effort thanks to Flowgy’s open source base.


Work seamlessly with segmentations
or 3D models generated with other software in Flowgy.

2D & 3D surgery

Combine 2D and 3D work according
to your needs.

From researchers to researchers

Conceived, developed, tested and
used by medical researchers and CFD engineers.

Documentation and courses

Learn quickly how to use Flowgy Innovation with all the valuable free content we provide.

At Flowgy, we believe that unrestricted access to cutting-edge technology enables people to work more efficiently and successfully, in any environment and at any level.

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"Flowgy Innovation allows me to perform an interactive 3D and virtual reconstruction of fossil anatomical structures related to the respiratory system and their functional simulation. It is a powerful software, and potentially useful for paleontological applications, with versions that are constantly being upgraded and improved."

Portrait of Markus Bastir, senior researcher..
Markus Bastir
MSc, MAS, PhD | Senior Researcher at National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, Spain.
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During the last few years Flowgy Innovation has been an essential part in different studies in the most diverse scientific fields, from otolaryngologist and anthropology to robotics and product design.

Research and improvement of processes related to nose blockage, the nasal cycle, septal deviation and septal perforations.

Research into the correlation between otitis and nasal obstruction.

Analyse the respiratory system of Neanderthals by reconstructing, from fossils, their nasal cavities and different organs of the respiratory system.

Research on the probability of ictus.

Research and analysis of other biological flows in different anatomical structures.

Research and development of a robotic structure to simulate virtual surgery.